How to get a Messy Bun?

By Aditi | December 26, 2009 4:32 pm |
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The traditional hair bun has made reappearance with women universally. Difference is just that presently hair bun is a far howl from the tidy and apt librarian look of former times. In its place, stylish messy buns are all the rant and rave. Not only are chic messy buns easy to make, they are versatile. You can wear them low in a classic twist style or high on the head, in the ballerina style. Here are the easy steps to create a classic messy bun.


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  • Initially take the front part of your hair and flounce it to one side in such a way that it creates a fuller circlet area. Use your fingers alongside the comb to direct both sides to the back of the head. buy diflucan
  • Now assemble your hair into a loose ponytail and tie it with elastic such that the base of the pony should be in the centre of the head. Slowly thrust your pony in upward direction to create an illusion of fullness on the top of the head.
  • Now take one inch sections of hair from the pony and curl it for about 3 seconds.
  • Now after finishing the curling part clasp the curl onto the scalp with bobby pins and then loosen the curls with your fingers. That’s it your messy bun is ready.

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